Pink Zone

The Pink Zone shows how our Wayfinding service can help you.

Support for people living with Dementia is so much more effective when people understand it!

Our Wayfinding service allows everyone entering Sage House to talk to a responsive, trained person for essential one-to-one support and advice. A familiar face will always be available to support people living with dementia, their families, carers and friends.

Your Wayfinder will stay with you from pre-diagnosis and will be your named contact throughout your journey to help you ‘find your way’ through the health and social care system.

They will provide accurate and accessible information when you need it, support and signpost you to the right services at the right time, and help you to live well with dementia - whether you or someone you care for has dementia. Your Wayfinder will also help you plan for the future with information about choosing and planning long term care.

“I find that I get a great feeling of maybe making someone’s day a little bit better by working in Daisy’s Cafe. I am in close contact with the customers and from time to time get to hear wonderful stories of their past achievements. Also if asked I can share my experiences of caring for someone living with dementia as I did with my wife Dolly. Volunteering gives me as sense of making a small positive difference to someone’s maybe difficult day. Can’t wait to get to Sage House on my volunteering days!”


“I decided to volunteer my time and services to the Daisy’s Café after being invited to an afternoon tea with my WI group as Sage House is a charity we support. I am very impressed with the quality of the food produced and how lovely everyone is to work with. It's fun, rewarding and so worthwhile.”


“Volunteering at Sage House has been a wonderful experience from the start. I joined the team in Daisy’s cafe in May this year. The staff in Daisy’s are really friendly, and like all the staff, they appreciate the volunteers and what we contribute. The environment is light, colourful, modern, comfortable, and welcoming. I love it.”


“I first visited Daisy’s Cafe with the WI Bognor Regis for a fundraising thank you. Whilst there my friend and I spoke to a member of staff about the running of Sage House and had a guided tour of the building. Afterwards we decided to volunteer a few hours helping in the Daisy’s Cafe and it has proved to be an enjoyable and fun experience interacting with the customers and help with the smooth running of the Cafe and consider it to be a worthy cause.”


“I have been volunteering twice a week at Sage House for the last 6 months and really enjoy my time there. I get to meet some lovely interesting friendly people. The staff are very helpful and supportive. There is always someone to ask if any problems occur. It is a pleasure to work with the general public and I also volunteer at the CST group. Sage House is a worthwhile charity to support and hours can be arranged to suit the individual. I recommend volunteering at this unique Centre.”


It has been so helpful for me, Mum loves the music and sings a-long, I can put them on repeat and it gives me time to get some house work done. It makes Mum so happy.


The Sport talk session was such fun and I felt like I was down the pub chatting with my mates, not at home in lockdown.

We couldn’t live without Sage House to help and support us with their wonderful staff.

You do a great job and I can always know that my husbands needs are catered for and I can relax.


An absolutely amazing service, I don’t know how I managed before