Green Zone

Helping you navigate
the dementia journey

The Green Zone is all about your Dementia community.

Whether you are struggling with dementia yourself or you’re living with someone with Dementia, help is at hand via our Sage and virtual communities.

If you’re not able to join us in person at Sage House in Sussex, you can still access our support services remotely. Whether you’re looking for information and advice about Living with Dementia or you want to connect with fellow carers or others living with dementia.

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Blue Zone

Helping you navigate
the dementia journey

The Blue Zone is about how Dementia Support helps those living with dementia.

Our vision is a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people living with dementia to be fully supported throughout their journey.

Dementia Support was set up in 2014 to provide a vital service offering support, guidance, and care for those in our community living with dementia. We provide training and wayfinding services to help you navigate the journey that you, a loved one or someone you know is on.

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Purple Zone

Helping you navigate
the dementia journey

The Purple Zone has information on Sage House and our services.

Sage House is your hub for all you need to help navigate your dementia journey, from diagnosis, wayfinding and a friendly face, to information and advice and wellbeing services and activities, tailored to those living with dementia.

The support and services available at Sage House are tailored to help improve how you live with dementia, whether you, a loved one or someone you know is coping with the disease.

As an information point, we help people pre- and post-diagnosis however far along their journey they are. Our Wayfinders work with you personally to ensure you always know where to turn and you can improve your knowledge about dementia, the products available to help you live with it and accessibility solutions, as and when you need them, in our Smart Zone.

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Pink Zone

Helping you navigate
the dementia journey

The Pink Zone shows how our Wayfinding service can help you.

Support for people living with Dementia is so much more effective when people understand it! Our Wayfinding service allows everyone entering Sage House to talk to a responsive, trained person for essential one-to-one support and advice.

A familiar face will always be available to support people living with dementia, their families, carers and friends.

Your Wayfinder will stay with you from pre-diagnosis and will be your named contact throughout your journey to help you ‘find your way’ through the health and social care system.

They will provide accurate and accessible information when you need it, support and signpost you to the right services at the right time, and help you to live well with dementia - whether you or someone you care for has dementia. Your Wayfinder will also help you plan for the future with information about choosing and planning long term care.

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Orange Zone

Helping you navigate
the dementia journey

The Orange Zone is all about getting involved - we value your support.

We want to reach all families in our area who are living with dementia today and those yet to come, and we need your help to do it.

We value all support that is offered to us, whether you are an individual or you represent a company or a Foundation.

However you want to get involved, with a donation through a one-off or a regular gift, or by supporting us through fundraising or partnership working, we would love to work with you in the way that is most meaningful to you.

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And we’ll show you the way

Our Wayfinding service has been developed as a result of research carried out into how it affects all our lives, and simply listening to what you need from us.

We aim to provide clarity at a time of confusion and regardless of how long your journey is, your own personal ‘Wayfinder’ will help you navigate it, signposting you to diagnosis, support, activities, resources, help and respite, as and when you need.

Sage House

Sage House is a bespoke, modern and functional community centre where we bring local dementia services together under one roof to provide the latest support, information, advice and activities to those living with Dementia.

As well as providing Wayfinding to help guide families through their personal dementia journeys, we also offer:

  • day care
  • activities for those with dementia and their carers
  • therapy rooms
  • support groups
  • hairdressing salon
  • smart zone
  • café

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Sage House services

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How we can help you

Helping as many people as possible navigate the journey of dementia, both pre and post diagnosis, supporting family, friends and carers.

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How you can help us

Fundraising for a cause you believe in is a great way to show your support and have some fun with friends and family.

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Make a donation

We value the support of all individuals, whether that is through a one-off or a regular gift, or supporting us in another way. We can work with you to help you give in the way that is most meaningful to you.

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It has been so helpful for me, Mum loves the music and sings a-long, I can put them on repeat and it gives me time to get some house work done. It makes Mum so happy.


The Sport talk session was such fun and I felt like I was down the pub chatting with my mates, not at home in lockdown.

We couldn’t live without Sage House to help and support us with their wonderful staff.

You do a great job and I can always know that my husbands needs are catered for and I can relax.


An absolutely amazing service, I don’t know how I managed before


Strangely I came back and suddenly felt quite calm and in control again! Long may it last. Thank you for your input and help – it does make a difference.


I feel so lucky that Daybreaks has managed to stay open during the lockdown, it has allowed me to continue to be able to get out walking.


Thank you so much for the support pack for dad. He’s really enjoyed it. His main hobby is colouring so he is enjoying the different prints.